hi my name is scott

if you switch the letters of my full name around it spells out “academic shovel tits”

so that’s pretty cool

i am 19 years of age 

here is my face

yes, my hair is really that poofy

I’m goin to Fitchburg State with a major in film/video production 

i am the original founder of myspace, Tom is a lying sack of shit

i like movies, music (any kind really, but especially folk and punk), French, books, flannels, surrealism, John Green, meditation, pianos, people, peanuts, pistachios, philosophy, poetry, unintentional alliteration, art, modern art, non-modern art, spiritualism, Rumi, Buddha, fruit, weed, birds, bunnies, and lots and lots of other stuff

i hate capital letters, excessively stupid or hateful people, and writing about me posts

i invented food and gravity

i am really really really really really tall

i’m an anarchist but i won’t burn down your house or anything i promise

i run sideblogs dedicated to surrealism and cute animals poking out of things

i was born with twelve belly buttons, but i have lent three of them out right now to clones so they feel less scary

and on the offchance you follow me, you’re probably going to be pretty underwhelmed but thank you anyway c: