middle of nowhere, massachusetts

tall as shit

anarchist (not the molotov kind)

weed smoker (not the 420blazeit kind)

hookah lord

avid procrastinator

here is my face

yes, my hair is really that poofy

i post anything i find interesting but it’s mostly art, quotes, music, human rights, and whatever i might be watching/reading/playing at the time

i run sideblogs dedicated to surrealism and cute animals poking out of things

i also run a blog where i post music that i play

(if it’s empty, that’s currently in the works)

(it’s probably empty)


pro-feminism, pro-MRM

anti-SJW, anti-whatever-the-fuck-tumblr-passes-off-as-activism

anti-racist, anti-homophobia, anti-transphobia, anti-nazism

if you have “proud misandrist” in your blog description please don’t follow me

basically just don’t be a shitfuck and we’ll get along fine

i’ll tag anything for you, i don’t care how silly it might seem

i do a lot of multimedia art and i’m also terrible at finishing things that i start

i didn’t mean for that last line to rhyme but here we are

i tend to follow back but if i don’t it’s probably because i’ve recently followed too many people and i’m too busy drowning in posts

see you around :c)