i’m about to listen to the antlers so before i get all emotional and gay and before TMI tuesday ends, here’s a post about blowjobs

i was thinking the other day about what a weird practice kissing is (which is totally is if you think about it) and my mind wandered into the realm of blowjobs for some reason

and i decided that

i would never really want to


get one?

like i’m not exactly lining up to have people blow me in the first place but oh man they’re just so weird

why do people want to stick their dick in a hole that has like

teeth in it?

and taste buds?

 if you want to stick your dick in an orifice why not choose

you know

a vagina

because it’s essentially a mouth minus teeth and tongue and a gag reflex

just a thought

  1. eastcoasttreesmoke said: Today’s Wednesday..
  2. golliwogg said: and when it hits their throat (if they aren’t good) it kinda feels like you just hit a wall ow, but tongues are cool man
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